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Swimbox was created to put aside the very normal fears of the swimmer (both beginner and advanced) and give the opportunity to realize and finally acquire a swimming biomechanics which allows you to drastically improve your performance by understanding every part of the swim down to the smallest detail.

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Swimbox is not just a book, but a complete ecosystem of support, coaching and training carried out in a simple way and within everyone's reach to take your swimming to a higher level, through a personalized approach oriented towards the precise understanding and practical application of each part of the technical gesture.


Improve your swimming performance through a unique training method based on the advantages of biomechanics to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of each stroke.


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Swimbox. The art and mechanics of freestyle + FREE Consultation Offer
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Swimbox. The art and mechanics of freestyle + FREE Consultation Offer


FROM 1 TO 5 BOOKS = €49.90

FROM 5 TO 9 BOOKS = €40.00

From 10+ BOOKS = €35.00

Swimbox book "the art and mechanics of freestyle" (SHIPPING INCLUDED) + BONUS with EXCLUSIVE VIDEO CALL, alone with the author Alessandro Resch to discover the secrets of Swimbox, what you specifically need and how to apply them immediately !

Swimbox is a container of swimming technique that contains the essence of theory and combines it with practical elements to see its specific application. Taking academic content and scientific research to combine it with field experience and disseminating it to the general aquatic public has been the challenge. No training table is sold here, but it describes in great detail how to swim freestyle and how to do it in the most effective way, providing the tools to be informed, aware and autonomous. Through a system that will lead you to improve your physical form, your health and your performance, in this book, Alessandro Resch, Technical Director of Forli Nuoto and Elisa Scaioli Head of the medical-physiotherapy area, will guide you towards a better understanding of the technique and kinesiology underlying freestyle, with all the nuances and secrets that characterize the preparation method used in their flourishing competitive activity.

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Professional Athlete Review

Filippo Megli

Carabinieri - RN Florentia

Italian record holder in 200 freestyle

Participation in the XXXII Olympics Tokyo 2021

“Alessandro, in the most difficult period of my career, it helped me both to refine the basic technique and to delve into the more advanced gestures that allowed me to save my shoulder from complications and surgical interventions.”


“I can only thank him and recommend his book to all swimmers of any level!”

Professional Athlete Review

Lisa Angiolini

Virtus Buonconvento​ - CS Caraninieri

Silver 100 RANA – European Championships Rome 2022

“This book is fantastic. Reading it was an emotion like reliving the unforgettable training period I experienced in Forlì with Alessandro, Elisa and Fabio.”

“A unique experience that changed me and helped me to be who I am today. It will remain in my heart and I will forever be grateful for everything they did.”

Professional Athlete Review

Giorgia Romei

InSport Rane Rosse - GS Marina Militare

Gold 400 Freestyle – Italian Summer Championship cat. Seniors (Rome 2021)

“Swimbox is made with a lot of love and professionalism by one of the most knowledgeable swim coaches I have ever met in my career as a professional athlete.”

“The 3D models contained within the book are surprising, accurate and were very useful for fixing the perfect gesture in my mind!”

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